Pre Programmed Passive RFID Container Shipping Labels


CodeSource's passive RFID Container Shipping Labels are used to convey RFID shipment data into the U.S. Government Wide Area Work Flow System(WAWF).

When shipping products to the DoD, you are required to apply encoded RFID tags to shipment containers and convey shipment data to the government system. CodeSource can meet your RFID requirements with these passive RFID shipping labels. Our RFID labels meet Mil-Spec 129P and are guaranteed to exceed DFARS 252.211-7006 requirements. All of our labels are thermally printed on a synthetic material that is chemical resistant, water proof, and can be applied to -15° F. Our RFID labels contain tags that are pre-programmed Gen 2 DoD RFID labels with extended read range.

For container labels, simply provide us with your Cage code, company name, case quantity, pallet quantity and the starting serial numbers and we will take care of the rest. Just peel and stick! Each order includes a Certificate of Conformance. Each RFID label comes with a 4" x 2" Pre-Programmed DoD-96 Construct, EPC Global Gen2, Synthetic, Waterproof, Chemically Resistant and a 4" x 1" Buddy Tag to keep for your company record.(meets MIL-STD-129R requirements)

You can contact a CodeSource sales representative at with any questions you have related to your RFID requirements.