Code Corp CR4405 iPhone 5/5s Barcode Reading Sled


Code Reader 4405 quickly and cost-effectively converts your iPhone 5 or 5s into a mobile barcode reading solution. Consolidating technologies into one, user-friendly device has never been more in demand among mobile-driven applications, and the CR4405 sled is leading the way.

The CR4405 iPhone 5/5s barcode reading sled is the only sled that features rapid replaceable, rechargeable battery cartridges. This makes changing depleted batteries quick and easy, and avoiding workflow interruptions even easier. Its durable, IP54-rated housing withstands harsh environments, and consists of Level 2 disinfectant-ready plastics that stand up to frequent cleaning with chemical cleaners.

The CR4405 delivers superior performance on all 1D, 2D and stacked barcode symbologies, and it includes a software development kit to tailor scanner applications. 

CR4405 Features and Benefits: Increases productivity with an easy-to-use integrated scan engine. Bright, rectangular, blue LED aiming bar to quickly and easily target 1D, 2D and postal barcodes. Made for Apple iPhone 5 and 5s. Lightweight design combines easy-to reach buttons with an unobstructed view of the iPhone screen. Rugged, durable, disinfectant ready plastics protects the phone against damage and minimizes exposure to debris. Multiple locking clips offers additional security measures via screws (included). Replaceable, rechargeable battery cartridge. Provides additional power to the iPhone to maximize productivity. Software Development Kit (SDK) assists in creating a custom scanner application. Single and quad-bay charging station options. Features Level 2 disinfectant-ready healthcare plastics.