Cognex DataMan 100V Fixed-mount Data Matrix Verifier


Configurable for your Requirements

The Cognex DataMan 100 Verification System provides you with a flexible solution to verify the widest range of parts that conforms to the ISO 15426-2 verification system standards. A number of features can be adjusted to meet your custom application including:

  • Flexible Mounting: Mount to a fixed location or used the optional adjustable stand.
  • Flexible Lighting: Adjustable 30/45 degree low angle lighting and 90 degree DOAL lighting for the widest range of parts and mark types.
  • Flexible Optics: Verify codes with cell sizes as small as 7.5 mils. to overall code sizes of 1 inch or 25mm.
  • Compliant results for the AIM DPM Quality Guideline 2006-1, ISO 15415 and AS 9132.

Verification & Validation

The Cognex DataMan 100 Verification System not only offers verification to ISO15426-2 standards, but can be used for data validiation to a number of specifications as well. Validation to US DoD UID Guidelines(MIL-STD-130), GS1, ISO15434, and ISO15418 are all available when using the DataMan 100 Verification System. The DataMan 100 Verification System is also ISO 15426-2 compliant, and has been tested to comply with the results of 'Judge' certified cards from GS1. These judge cards are tested on the 10x capable industry benchmark verifier.

Easy Set Up

Cognex DataMan 100 Verification Systems are easy to set up out of the box. The systems come equipped with a control box with integrated I/O, power and lighting quick connect cable. Combined with Cognex DataMan Setup Tool, getting your verification system up and running is easy.


  • Height: 12.36” (314 mm)
  • Width: 6.13” (156 mm)
  • Depth: 6.13” (156 mm)


  • USB


  • 30, 45 and 90 degree lighting


  • Power supply included with DMR-100V-02


  •  752 v 480 Resolution


  • Minimum- 7.5 mil
  • Maximum- 1'' or 25.4mm


  • Compliance to AIM DPM 2006-1, ISO15415, ISO15426-2 and AS9132
  • Validation to US DoD UID Guidelines, GS1, ISO15434, ISO15418