Cognex DataMan 8600V Handheld Data Matrix DPM Verifier


Verifies Direct Part Mark Codes(DPM)

The Cognex 8600V verifies with printed labels and direct part markings (DPM), including dot-peen, chem-etch, and laser markings. DataMan 8600 series AIM-DPM 1-2006 compliant verifiers incorporate 30 degree dark field integrated lighting and are ideal for verifying nameplates and other flat parts. Verify 2-D DataMatrix codes up to 1/2" x 1/2" in size (12mm x 12mm). Mechanical standoff ensures uniform illumination and a fixed working distance.

Easy to Use and Highly Cost Effective

The DataMan 8600V series verifiers offer superior ease-of-use and are highly cost effective. The DataMan 8600V supports GS1, UDI, ISO 15434 and MIL-STD-130N UID validation. Through the use of DataMan software, the 8600V is capable of generating PDF verification/validation reports, which provide clear quality assurance of direct part marks.

Available in Wired and Wireless Models

Available in corded and cordless models. Using a Cognex 8600V handheld verifier, users can perform verification on the factory floor, rather than at a remote or fixed verification station.  The combination of compliance and portability provides users with unique and powerful verification solution.



  • Verification Standard: AIM DPM 2006-1
  • Data Validation: US DoD UID guidelines, GS-1, ISO15434 and ISO15418
  • Code Size: 7.5mil to .50'' or 12.5 mm (min to max)


  • Dimensions: 210 mm x 115 mm x  85 mm
  • Weight: 326 g


  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)
  • Storage Temperature: -40° to 60° C (-40° to 140° F)
  • Humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
  • Shock: Withstands drops of 6’ (1.8 meters) to concrete
  • RoHS: Compliant with RoHS directive 2002/98/EEC


  • Lighting: 30 Degree and Ultralight integrated bright field, dark field, diffuse illumination
  • Sensor Array: 1280 x 1024 high resolution sensor

 Exclusive Modular Industrial Communications. Equipped with Ethernet communication and industrial protocols, the DataMan 8600V easily integrates with industrial automation, making installation and maintenance fast and efficient. Options include corded RS-232, USB, and Ethernet options, as well as cordless options including Bluetooth, batch battery and Wi-Fi.

  • DataMan 8600V Handheld Verifier with Serial Communication Module
  • DataMan 8600V Bluetooth Cordless Verifier with Intelligent Base Station
  • DataMan 8600V Wifi Cordless Verifier with Intelligent Base Station

*Many communications configurations are available! Contact a CodeSource Sales Representitive for additional models designed to best fit your application.*

Available Accessories:

  • DataMan Calibration Card: This calibration card establishes reference for part surface reflection values as well as reference for actual printed cell size of 2-D codes.
  • DataMan Standoff Piece: This standoff accesory helps keep operators at a constant working distance to ensure proper focus and ligthing during verification.