Fujitsu RFID Integrated Label for Aerospace


The requirements for RFID tags (such as size, weight, read range, support for metals and memory size) vary depending on the deployment scenario. To meet individual needs for part marking, CodeSource provides a full range of Fujitsu tags such as RFID integrated labels for any application.

8KByte high-memory or 2KByte low-memory tag options are available. Our integrated labels comply with Airbus ABS1860 internal standard developed for the AIRBUS Traceability Project. SAE AS5678 compliant for ATA-2000 9-5 Multi, Dual, or Single-record RFID parts marking requirements.

Available in bulk, un-encoded tag stock for on-demand encoding needs or pre-encoded with your variable data, tailored to meet your requirements. Consult our compliance experts today!