Pre-programmed Identec i-Q310 18000-7 active RFID tags


CodeSource pre-programed 18000-7 ILR i-Q tags: Since we write the tags for you, no additional software or hardware is required by the customer.

The i-Q310 series of transponders is IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ well-established generation of Intelligent Long Range® (ILR®) active RFID transponders based on the ISO/IEC 18000-7 standard.

ILR provides highly accurate, real-time data collection without human intervention in wireless applications such as:

• identification

• tracking and tracing of cargo, vehicles or personnel.

Using advanced UHF radio frequency technology, i-Q310 DRT transponders transmit and receive data at distances of up to 100 meters (300 feet).

These transponders include also hardwire interface for fast and secure data upload and download with memory of up to 128 kilobytes.

The standardized anti-collision multi-transponder-handling algorithm allows communication to transponders even when thousands of transponders are within the interrogator's read zone.

Because of its very low power consumption, the transponder can operate effectively for over 3 years. The battery inside the DRT transponder can be easily replaced, which extends the transponder life furthermore.

The Data Rich Transponder can be easily attached to any object using ties, magnetic mount or a mounting bracket.

Integrated speaker supports acoustic signalization during search, locate and alarms.

The i-Q310 transponder line can withstand the abuse expected from work processes; the transponders come in various form factors and with various features and memory sizes and are ideal fit for high volume tracking of assets.


• 100-meters (300 ft) read/write range
• 128K byte memory
• 433 MHz operating frequency
• ISO / IEC 18000-7 compatible
• Speaker
• USB 2.0 Hardwire Interface
• 3-year battery lifetime and more
• Replaceable battery
• Communication on demand only
• Non-line-of-sight data transmission


• Allows automated identification, tracking and tracing of assets without human intervention.
• Stores up to 128K of user data.
• Allows low-power, long communication range and high data transmission rates with minimal interference due to local conditions.
• Manufacturer independent interoperation. US DoD and NATO ITV compatible.
• Acoustic signalization during search, locate, alarms.
• Fast and secure data transfer with USB connection with mini-B connector.
• Delivers long-time maintenance-free operation, without battery replacement.
• Battery is replaceable to extend the transponder’s lifetime.
• Eliminates RF flooding through software-controlled read/write operations.
• Allows transponders to be buried while transmitting for improved tracking/locating efficiency.