TruCheck DPM Tower™


The “big brother” to the popular TruCheck FlexHite DPM, the TruCheck DPM Tower boasts a 60mm wide field of view, laser focus indicator, and height that accommodate a part as tall as 12 inches.


Same lighting angles as the TruCheck 2D DPM and TruCheck FlexHite DPM: 45, 30 and 90-degree. It is truly a bigger version of the TruCheck FlexHite DPM.

Adjust the working distance of this versatile verifier for any part. Focus adjustment is guided by Webscan’s proprietary laser indicator. With its large field of view and ability to verify 1D and 2D symbols with x-dimensions as small as 7.5mil, the TruCheck DPM Tower™ can handle your most demanding barcode verification challenges. Not just for direct part marks: a choice of 45-degree lighting for ISO 15415 or AIM DPM-2006/ISO TR29158 (45Q, 30 or 90-degree) makes it perfect for virtually any direct part marking application, including dot peen and laser etched UID symbols.

But that’s not all. The adjustable height of this system makes it perfect for verifying barcodes, whether they are 1D or 2D when they are recessed or otherwise hard to reach with other verifiers. Simply place your part under the camera head and adjust the height with the manual turn wheel while the software detects the laser positioning indicator for perfect focus automatically.

Check your largest and smallest 1D and 2D codes with the same unit and get accurate results every time! Complies with AIM DPM-2006 (ISO/IEC Tr 29158) (45Q and 90 lighting option). ISO/IEC 15415, ISO/IEC 15416, ISO/IEC 15426-1, ISO/IEC 15426-2. Using its high resolution, the TruCheck DPM Tower™ accurately creates a synthetic round aperture with high accuracy compared to relatively low-resolution competitive models.Check the syntax of 1D and 2D barcodes to confirm that the data content does not have errors. The TruCheck DPM Tower™ quickly shows you the content and meaning of GS1 coupons, pharmaceutical labels with expiration dates and lot numbers, or any data which follows common industry standards such as GS1 application identifier formats.

TruCheck USB DPM Tower TC-825

Scan Wide/High: 60x45mm
Light Source: 660nm Red LED
Lighting Angle Options: 30/45/90
Min X-Dim: 7.5mil
Aperature: Synthetic
Format: Adjustable Vertical Mount
Size: 12/10/17"
Weight: 28 lbs

Webscan Calibration Card
Contains a Master (nearly perfect) Data Matrix symbol and a Master (nearly perfect) UPC-A symbol. This card can be used to calibrate any Webscan barcode verifier, both 1D and 2D (except a 20 MIL aperture Laser verifier).
WebScan Cal Card
GS-1 Data Matrix Calibration Card
This can be used to calibrate reflectance levels, dimensional measurements for aperture and x-dimension, and also to measure imperfect data matrix symbols with “known” expected results.