Zebra ZXP series 7 printer for Fujitsu RFID Integrated Label


Zebra ZXP Series 7 Printer was specifically customized for Fujitsu RFID Integrated Labels. This customized ZXP is available through CodeSource as an authorized Fujitsu channel distribution partner. This solution is ideal for on-demand encoding of ATA-2000 RFID tags for flyable components. The unique integrated tag design incorporates on-metal RFID reading performance with the reliability of a label printing surface for human-readable and barcode information. 

Fujitsu can support global companies with their world-wide solution deployments based on RFID Gen2 technology, counting on our partnership with world leading RFID suppliers. Contact CodeSource to explore how Fujitsu AIT solutions can help you develop and deploy your RFID-enabled solution on a global scale, leveraging our subsidiaries located all over the world.

In the various regions of the world, there are differences in the frequency bands and radio properties that are allowed to be used. In order to properly account for these regional differences, Fujitsu can provide the adequate readers and develop a RFID system that can operate in any region.

Dimensions / weight
Height: 306 mm, Width: 699 mm, Depth 277mm

12.2 kg

EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen2, ISO 18000-6C

865-868, 902-928 MHz

300 dpi/11.8 dots per mm print resolution

Specifically customized for Fujitsu RFID Integrated Labels