cab A2+/600 Thermal Printer


All Purpose Printers with Exceptional Print Accuracy

The A+ series printers are the top-selling industrial thermal printer offered by Cab. With a focus on reliability, easy of use, and convenient operation, the A+ series printers are a great starter option for customers requiring in-house printing to support their business needs. The A+ series of printers are made of high-quality materials and are perfectly matched in terms of shape and function. Extensive peripherals and software enable customized solutions – at any time.

Configurable for Stand-Alone or PC Based Operations

Regardless of whether the A+ printer is operated as a stand-alone solution, a PC application, or in a network, it is always up to the mark. The high-speed processor ensures both fast job processing and immediate label output.

Extensive Peripherals and Software for Customized Solutions

The cab A+ series offers a wide range of customizable features and accesories to meet your labeling needs. Options for the A+ series include the basic printer with tear bar or the dispensing version which can be combined with a variety of applicators to create automated print and apply systems.

CAB A2+ Printers

  • DPI's Available-  300, 600
  • Material Width- 4mm  - 63mm (.15 to 2.48 inches)
  • Ribbon Width- 57mm Max (2.24 inches)
  • Dimensions- 274 x 446 x 190mm (10.78 x 17.55 x 7.48 inches)
  • Weight- 18.74 lbs
  • Communication Interfaces- RS232, USB, Ethernet, Secondary USB for external operations, Memory Card Slot, Wireless LAN

Cab A+ Series Printers

Cab A2+ For small labels with high print accuracy

  • Print Resolution DPI: 300, 600
  • Print Width: 54.2mm, 57mm
  • Print Speed: 150, 100

Cab A4+ Top-selling industrial workhorse

  • Print Resolution DPI: 203, 300, 600
  • Print Width: 104mm, 105.6mm, 105.6mm
  • Print Speed: 250, 250, 100

Cab A6+ Wide option for larger labels

  • Print Resolution DPI: 203, 300
  • Print Width: 168mm, 162.6mm
  • Print Speed: 200, 200

Cab A8+ Extra wide option for pallet or barrel labels

  • Print Resolution DPI: 300
  • Print Width: 216mm
  • Print Speed: 150



Used to cut paper labels, self-adhesive labels, cardboard, textiles, or synthetic materiasl as well as heat shrink tubes. A Perforation cutter is also available to perforate material for later manual separation.

External Rewinder


The external rewinder accessory can be fit to any of the A+ series printers to spool printed labels back onto a reel for later use. Labels can optionally be wound either inner or outer side. The electronicly controlled swing arm ensures a smooth and tight winding process.