cab A4+M/300 Thermal Printer


Centered Media Positioning for Small Label Material

The cab A4+M series label printers offer a centered material alignment that makes printing on very small and slim materials much easier. With the A4+M, there is no adjustment of the printhead required for materials of different widths. The A4+M is also compatibile with continuous materials, and works great for printing on heat shrink tubing.

All Purpose Printers with Exceptional Print Accuracy

The A+ series printers are the top-selling industrial thermal printer offered by Cab. With a focus on reliability, easy of use, and convenient operation, the A+M printer is a great starter option for customers requiring in-house printing of narrow materials. The A4+M series of printers are made using high-quality materials, and are perfectly matched in terms of shape and function.

Print Without a PC

The cab A4+M can operate in stand-alone mode, and does not require a PC to operate. Label layouts are designed using cablabel S3 software, and are saved on to a USB stick or read on the internal data memory IFFS. Variable data can be delivered to the stand alone printer via keyboard entry, barcode scanner, or manual input using the navigation pad.


CAB A4+M Series

  • DPI's Available-300, 600
  • Material Width- 4mm  - 106mm (.15 to 4.17 inches)
  • Ribbon Width- 4mm  - 106mm (.15 to 4.17 inches)
  • Dimensions- 274 x 446 x 242mm (10.78 x 17.55 x 9.52 inches)
  • Weight- 13.22 lbs
  • Communication Interfaces- RS232, USB, Ethernet, Secondary USB for external operations, Memory Card Slot, Wireless LAN

A4+ Series Cutter


Used to cut paper labels, self-adhesive labels, cardboard, textiles, or synthetic materials as well as heat shrink tubes. A Perforation cutter is also available to perforate material for later manual separation.

External Rewinder


The external rewinder accessory can be fit to any of the A+M series printers to spool printed labels back onto a reel for later use. Labels can optionally be wound either inner or outer side. The electronicly controlled swing arm ensures a smooth and tight winding process.