cab Hermes C Thermal Printer


Real Time Two-Color Print and Apply System

Cab's Hermes C is the first labeling system in the world to combine two color thermal printing and application in one operation. The cab Hermes C system has been specifically designed and optimized for projects related to GHS classification and labeling. The Hermes can be used to print and apply to drums, buckets, boxes and palettes according to GHS specifications for industrial application in production lines.

Efficient Use of Consumables

By means of two in-line arranged print units, labels are printed and dispensed in real-time without loss of material, even with single labels. The ribbon saver feature allows one of the printheads within the unit to be lifted, which stops the unused ribbon from being rolled and wasted during printing of other sections of the label.

 Modular Design to Fit All Applications

With industrial applications in mind, the Cab Hermes series systems were built with a modular design so that each system could be adjusted to meet any application. The Hermes offers communication interfaces to connect to ERP, as well as process control systems. CodeSource can provide proper BS5609 compliant labels and ribbons, to fit the Hermes printers, as well as label design & printing software for GHS compliance.

Cab Hermes C Series Printers

  • DPI's Available-  300
  • Material Width- 46mm  - 176mm (1.81 to 6.92 inches)
  • Ribbon Width- 165mm Max (6.49 inches)
  • Dimensions- 550 x 630 x 320mm (21.65 x 24.80 x 12.60 inches)
  • Weight- 66.13 lbs
  • Communication Interfaces- RS232, USB, Ethernet, Secondary USB for external operations, Memory Card Slot, Wireless LAN

Hermes C Printer with Stroke Applicator


For real-time labeling and application on packages or products. The Hermes Printer with Stroke applicator can place labels on items moving or not. The stroke applicator can be used to apply labels from all sides. Applicator options include a tamp pad, spring-mounted tamp pad, and a roll-on pad.

Hermes C Printer with Vacuum Applicator


The vacuum belt applicator is positioned in front of the peel-off plate on the Hermes C printer. The printed labels travel down to the labeling posistion via vacuum belt and are applied to the packaging via external signaling. Can be used for labeling of chemical drums, and other curved surfaces.


Present Sensor PS11


The present sensor PS11 accessory detects the labeling area, and confirms whether a label is in place for manual or automated removal. Once the label has been removed, the next label in the series can be printed automatically. If prefered, the print and apply process can be controlled manually at the push of a button via hand switch.

Warning Light


The warning light accesory can be mounted directly on to the printer or attached to a bracket anywhere in the surrounding area. Red lighting indicates an error, green indicates the unit is on, and yellow offers a warning that the end of the labels or ribbon is approaching.