cab Squix 4 Thermal Printer


Reliable and Easy to use Thermal Printer

The new Cab Squix thermal printer offers simple operator functions and includes a built in touch screen with intuitive menus that allow operators to adjust their system settings on the fly. Changes to print speed, print position, heat settings, and many other functions can be adjusted from the onboard touchscreen menus. The print mechanics and housing are made of high-quality materials and perfectly match in terms of shape and function.

Multiple Configuration Options with Squix

The Cab Squix printer can be designed for use in a variety of printing situations. The basic model is used for printing on labels and continuous materials, wound on rolls or fanfold. The material is torn off at the jagged tear-off edge. In addition to the basic model the Squix has a dispensing model which removes the liner during the printing process, which can then be removed manually or by applicator.

Bolt on Print and Apply Solutions Available

The cab Squix series offers a wide range of customizable print and apply accessories that can streamline your labeling operations. The SQUIX printer combined with the S1000 applicator is a cost-effective solution for a semi-automatic print and apply system or when integrated in a production line. The labels are applied to the tamp pad and held there by a vacuum system. The Tamp pad then applies the label to the product via stroke cylinder mechanism.


Cab Squix Series Printers

 Cab Squix 4

  • Print Resolution DPI: 300, 600
  • Print Width:105.7 mm
  • Print Speed: 300 or 150 mm/s
  • Available in left-aligned and center aligned versions

 Cab Squix 4.3

  • Print Resolution DPI: 203, 300
  • Print Width: 104 or 108.4 mm
  • Print Speed: 250 mm/s
  • Available in left-aligned and center aligned versions

External Rewinder


The external rewinder accessory can be fit to any of the Squix series printers to spool printed labels back onto a reel for later use. Labels can optionally be wound either inner or outer side. The electronicly controlled swing arm ensures a smooth and tight winding process.

Bolt on Applicators


The Squix printer line can be equipped with a variety of bolt on automated print-and-apply applicator systems. Squix S1000 applicators use compressed air regulators to place printed labels on a wide array of surfaces via tamp pads, blow pads, or roll on pads. The units can be adjusted for application at many different angles, and stands and mounting equipment to hold the system for inline application are readily available.