cab XC4/300 Thermal Printer


Two Color Thermal Printing

The cab XC series label printers offers two-color printing on a single label. The XC series includes two in-line arranged thermal transfer printheads for simultaneous two-color printing for use with GHS requirements. The XC series also includes a ribbon saver feature on one of print units. Using the ribbon saver, the print head is lifted from the unprinted area, and thus, no ribbon is wasted during the feed process when printing other sections of the label.

GHS Compliant Label Printing System

The cab XC series printers are an excellent solution for in-house printing of GHS labels, GHS Symbols (Hazard Pictograms), and Hazard Statements found on safety data sheets (SDS). The final deadline for employers to be in full compliance with GHS was June 1, 2016. If you are not yet in compliance, consider the cab XC series printers to meet your GHS labeling requirements.

Reliable and Customizable Printers

The cab XC series print heads and printer housing are made of high-quality materials and are perfectly matched in terms of shape and function. Extensive peripherals and software enable customized solutions for your specific application. Regardless of whether the XC printer is operated as a stand-alone solution, a PC application or in a network, it is always up to the mark. The high-speed processor ensures both fast job processing and immediate label output.

Cab XC4 Printer

  • DPI's Available-300
  • Material Width- 20mm - 116mm (.78 to 4.56 inches)
  • Ribbon Width- 114mm Max (4.48 inches)
  • Dimensions- 395 x 554 x 248mm (15.55 x 21.81 x 9.76 inches)
  • Weight- 22 lbs
  • Communication Interfaces- RS232, USB, Ethernet, Secondary USB for external operations, Memory Card Slot, Wireless LAN



Used to cut paper labels, self-adhesive labels, cardboard, textiles, or synthetic materiasl as well as heat shrink tubes. A Perforation cutter is also available to perforate material for later manual separation.

External Rewinder


The external rewinder accessory can be fit to any of the A+ series printers to spool printed labels back onto a reel for later use. Labels can optionally be wound either inner or outer side. The electronicly controlled swing arm ensures a smooth and tight winding process.